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Accessibility and the VSA

As more information and services are being delivered via the internet, it becomes increasingly important to deliver content that can be accessed by all users, regardless of the device or technology used to access that information.

Typically, an accessible web service scope encompasses: a form based data entry module with contextual help, application logic for raw processing of institutional research data, imports of multiple file formats, data driven display pages, and dynamically generated accessible graphs. Our goal is to create a website with a graphically rich browser that does not compromise accessibility.

To make this website more accessible, focus is on core structures, the separation of content and style, semantic construction where possible and a commitment to engage accessibility requirements and protocols in the development process.

While the commitment to improving functional accessibility and the judicious application of standards based development and open standards will improve general usability, user testing and feedback will drive the success of this site those seeking accessible services. In that vein, your comments and feedback on your experience is invited and appreciated.

For feedback on the accessibility of this site, please email